Is Vegan Protein Powder as great as it sounds?

In recent years, there has been a major shift in the way we consume protein across the globe, especially with regards to protein powders. With an increased awareness of global warming and the impact of several industries across the board, many people are choosing to eat with a greater conscience. Not-to-mention the many added health […]


Curious facts about Collagen that you may not have known

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Its fiber-like structure is used to make connective tissue. Like the name implies, this type of tissue connects other tissues and is a major component of bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. It helps to make tissues strong and resilient, able to withstand stretching. In food, […]


Chia Seeds: Health Benefits, Nutrition and Guilt Free Desserts

Chia seeds are widely used as the main component in a variety of recipes for nutritious foods, including baked products, protein bars, smoothies, and more. In the Mayan language, chia means “strength,” and chia seeds were referred to as “runners’ food” since athletes and warriors used them as sustenance while running far distances or fighting. […]


What you need to know about Building Muscle

Protein Absorption While it may sound simple, the way your body absorbs and uses protein is complex and fascinating. And protein absorption has big implications for the way you structure your approach to nutrition. Before your body can absorb protein, it must first travel from your stomach to your small intestine. “Gastric emptying” is the […]

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