Beta Glutamine

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  • Tablets with a high content of L-Glutamine, Beta Alanine, Vitamin B6
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    Beta Glutamine

    210 MDL400 MDL

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    Created with the clear aim of supporting the body’s recovery and muscle development process, Beta Glutamine is a potent nutritional supplement that will intensify the process of protein metabolism in muscle tissue, contributing to the regeneration of damaged fibers after demanding workouts, as well as volumizing and defining your muscles.

    Beta Glutamine is an effective nutritional supplement that will play an important role in preserving and strengthening your muscle mass, as well as improving your body’s physical performance, increasing your level of strength, endurance and energy when working out in the gym.

    With the help of this product, your resistance to effort will increase significantly, and you will be able to train more and in a more efficient way, which will also have a strong impact on the results obtained from physical exercise sessions.

    What you should know about Beta Glutamine

    The special Beta Glutamine formula combines 3 important ingredients, namely glutamine, beta-alanine and vitamin B6, each playing an important role in the process of protein synthesis in the body, muscle regeneration and increasing your level of physical performance.

    Thus, Beta Glutamine will help you to develop your muscles easier and faster, to enjoy an increased degree of energy, as well as to shorten the recovery periods required after demanding training.

    In addition, thanks to the glutamine in its composition, this product will also contribute to strengthening your immune system, while beta-alanine, another important ingredient of the supplement, will increase the level of carnosine in the blood, maximizing your body’s resistance to physical exertion.

    Who is Beta Glutamine recommended for?

    Beta Glutamine is very suitable for all athletes who are looking for an increase in their level of physical performance and want to enjoy an easier and faster recovery at the end of training. So, whether you’ve been training for years or you’re at your first training session, this product will help you maximize the results of your exercise sessions and accelerate your muscle regeneration after they’re done.

    Key benefits

    A very important benefit of Beta Glutamine is its ability to enhance the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissue, which will have a strong influence on the volumization, definition and recovery of your muscles.

    Another important feature of the supplement is related to its positive influence on your level of physical performance, which is largely due to beta-alanine, an ingredient that will increase the concentration of carnosine in the blood, thus favoring an increase in your level of strength and endurance.

    Last but not least, this supplement will also contribute to the maintenance and strengthening of your muscle mass, stopping the loss of muscle tissue and supporting its healthy and harmonious development.

    Suggested use

    When should you take Beta Glutamine?

    To enjoy all the benefits of this product, it is recommended to consume Beta Glutamine 2 times a day, once 10-15 minutes before the start of training and immediately after its completion.

    How to take Beta Glutamine

    The optimal recommended dose of Beta Glutamine is 2 tablets, taken 2 times a day, with the preferred amount of water.

    Nutritional value


    L-glutamine, beta alanine, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride). Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.


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