Carnitine Liquid

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    Carnitine Liquid black bottle Pro Nutrition

    Carnitine Liquid

    250 MDL400 MDL

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    Designed to stimulate and support the burning of fat, Carnitine Liquid is a powerful and effective nutritional supplement that will speed up your body’s metabolism, transforming adipose tissue into energy and vitality, lowering cholesterol in the body and contributing to the proper functioning of the brain and the heart.

    Administered in the right dosage, this product can help you both improve your physical performance and accelerate the development and definition of your muscles. In the training room, this will translate into an increased level of energy and endurance, and in the case of physical appearance, this will be reflected by the volume of muscle tissue and the reduction of adipose.

    What you should know about Carnitine Liquid

    L-carnitine is an important amino acid that plays a key role in speeding up your metabolism by improving mitochondrial function and boosting cellular energy levels. Specifically, L-carnitine is responsible for transporting fats into the mitochondria of cells, where they will undergo a rapid oxidation process to generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an important organic compound responsible for all muscle contractions in the body.

    For this reason, Carnitine Liquid will make an important contribution to reducing body fat, shortening the recovery periods required after strenuous exercise sessions, and preventing and combating muscle fatigue.

    For whom Carnitine Liquid is recommended

    The special formula of this product makes it suitable for a wide and diverse range of categories of people. Whether we are talking about those who are looking to lose extra pounds, those who want to develop and define their muscles faster, or those who are looking to improve their performance and post-workout recovery, we can all benefit from following Carnitine Liquid use.

    Key benefits

    One of the most important benefits of Carnitine Liquid is its effectiveness in burning fat, which makes it a reliable partner in the fight against excess weight, but also an important aid in developing and defining the body’s muscles.

    Another positive feature of the supplement is its ability to turn metabolized fats into energy, with a major impact on your level of performance during training and, implicitly, on your short and long-term results.

    Carnitine Liquid is also notable for its positive effect on blood flow, improving the body’s vascularity and thus increasing the intake of nutrients from muscle cells, eliminating fatigue and accelerating recovery after training.

    Suggested use

    When you should take Carnitine Liquid

    The best times to consume Carnitine Liquid are 30 minutes before the start of training and between the main meals of the day. This way, you will be able to benefit from an increased level of energy while training and you will be able to support the fat burning process throughout the day.

    Suggested Use

    For best results, a dose of 10 to 20 ml is recommended, which can be given once or twice a day, depending on your training goals and objectives.

    Nutritional value

    Nutritional value 20 ml
    Energetic value 6,9kcal
    Proteins 0 g
    of which Sugars
    of which Saturated Fatty Acids
    0 g
    0 g
    Fiber 0 g
    Sodium 0 g
    L-carnitine tartrate 1000 mg


    Water, fructose, L-carnitine L-tartrate, glycerin, berry flavor, acidity corrector: sodium citrate (E331); preservatives: potassium sorbate (E202) and sodium benzoate (E211); acidifier: citric acid (E330).

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