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    What is CLA?

    CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a fatty acid that can be found in meat and dairy, with multiple health benefits. This is the most common fatty acid of the Omega-6 type. There are 28 types of CLA.

    CLA can not be produced by the human body, but only obtained through nutrition and nutritional supplements. The main sources of CLA include milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, sunflower oil and lamb, veal, turkey and chicken. In dairy and meat, the concentration of CLA varies greatly, depending on the diet of animals. For example, foods that come from grass-fed cows have several times more CLA than grain-fed foods.

    Who is CLA recommended for?

    Supplements with CLA are recommended for people who want to lose the extra kilos. People who want to increase their muscle mass and do strength training can notice both a better definition of muscles following weight loss and an improvement in performance.

    CLA supplements should be avoided by people with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and blood clotting disorders. Also, you shouldn’t consume extra CLA before an operation, so it’s a good idea to stop two weeks before that.

    Key benefits

    CLA helps to lose weight. Most commonly, people who use conjugated linoleic acid want to lose extra pounds and have more visible and better defined muscles. Following the consumption of CLA supplements, an increased metabolism can be observed.

    Multiple research shows that CLA supplements has benefits for athletes and physically active individuals. According to them, CLA can increase physical strength and muscle mass in people who do strength training. Used with certain medications, CLA helps reduce blood pressure. It has also been observed that conjugated linoleic acid has an antioxidant effect. Last but not least, supplements with CLA have the benefit of reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.

    At Pro Nutrition, you can find CLA supplements that will help you get to the physical shape you want. Take advantage of the offers and order the right dietary supplements for you from this online store at a very convenient price.

    Suggested use

    How much CLA should we consume?

    The recommended cla dosage depends on the purpose of using the supplement. For weight loss, doses ranging from 1.8 to 7 grams per day can be administered. Dosages higher than 3.6 grams do not indicate additional benefits. Therefore, the consumption of 3 capsules per day of one gram is ideal. Cla supplements are found in the form of oral pills or capsules.

    When is CLA used?

    When you consume supplements with CLA in order to support weight loss, it is good that they are taken before or after a meal. Studies show that this dietary supplement has the most effective results in the first 6 months of administration.

    Nutritional value


    Conjugated linoleic acid. Inactive ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, water.


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