Fat Burn FX

220 MDL

  • Accelerates fat burning, provides energy and reduces appetite
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    Fat Burn FX

    Fat Burn FX

    220 MDL

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    Burn FX is a potent supplement designed to accelerate fat burning and boost metabolism, aiding weight loss efforts. It supports fat metabolism in muscle cells, enhancing energy levels for longer workouts. With Burn FX, you can achieve more intense and prolonged training sessions, aiding in reaching your fitness goals. The supplement includes powerful ingredients like taurine, tyrosine, and L-carnitine, which work together to enhance metabolism and physical performance. Additionally, it aids muscle recovery post-workout and boosts the immune system for overall well-being.

    What You Should Know About Burn FX

    The ingredients in Burn FX synergize to accelerate fat oxidation, converting it into energy for workouts. Taurine, tyrosine, and L-carnitine enhance metabolism and physical performance. They aid in post-workout muscle recovery and bolster the immune system. Burn FX supports overall fitness goals with its powerful formula.

    For whom burn FX is recommended

    Burn FX is a nutritional supplement suitable for any athlete who is looking to lose weight or who seeks a better definition of muscles and an improvement in his performance. From experienced athletes to beginners or even inactive people who want to lose weight, all of them can benefit in many ways from the consumption of this nutritional supplement. With its carefully selected ingredients, Burn FX accelerates fat burning and supports muscle definition and overall performance.

    Key benefits

    The most important benefit of Burn FX is its great ability to stimulate and support the process of metabolizing fats in the body, the product can be a reliable partner in the process of weight loss. Thus, thanks to the L-carnitine in its composition, this product will intensify your body’s metabolism, supporting the conversion of fats into energy, which can then be used during exercise sessions.

    Also, thanks to the Tyrosine in its formula, Burn FX will also help improve your level of attention and concentration during workouts, as well as recover your muscles after their completion.

    Last but not least, this nutritional supplement will also play an important role in improving the physical performance of the body, increasing your level of strength, endurance and energy during workouts.

    Suggested use

    When Should You Consume Burn FX

    To maximize the effects of the product, it is recommended to consume Burn FX about 30-40 minutes before your workouts. Thus, you will be able to benefit from increased performance while working at the gym, with a positive effect on your results at the end of your exercise sessions.

    How to Take Burn FX

    The recommended dose of Burn FX is one sachet, which should be dissolved in 200-250 ml of water.

    Nutritional value


    Maltodextrin, acidifiers (citric acid, malic acid), acidity corrector (sodium bicarbonate), taurine, L-carnitine tartrate, L-tyrosine, chitosan, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), anti-caking agents (magnesium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate), flavors (lemon, lime), anhydrous caffeine, sweeteners (sucralose, potassium acesulfame), dye (riboflavin).


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