FitUp! (Meal replacement)

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    FitUp! (Meal replacement)

    550 MDL620 MDL

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    Based on a complex formula that combines a wide range of different proteins into one nutritional supplement, FitUp! will become a reliable partner for you. With FitUp! you can maximize the results of your workouts and you can speed up the process of developing your muscles.

    Also, its low caloric intake and delicious taste make FitUp! an excellent help for all those looking to lose weight. The product has an important contribution to the regulation of appetite and the feeling of hunger, as well as to the acceleration of fat burning, reducing adipose tissue in the body.

    What you need to know about FitUp!

    High protein content with a high biological value from the FitUp formula! will nourish and support the process of protein synthesis in your muscle cells, thus favoring a rapid development and an easier recovery of the affected tissues after intensive training. The diverse range of proteins, minerals and amino acids in its composition make this product an effective and balanced nutritional supplement, with many benefits for all types of athletes, regardless of the nature of the training they perform.

    Key benefits

    For whom FitUp is recommended!

    Suitable for both women and men, FitUp! is a nutritional supplement with many benefits for all types of athletes, whether they are beginners, who will develop their muscles faster, or those with experience, looking to achieve better results from exercising.

    What benefits does FitUp have?

    Its composition consists of a diverse range of proteins of high biological value, combining the properties of lactalbumin, immunoglobulin, lactoglobulin and amino acids in a single effective supplement, which will make an important contribution to the development, definition and, last but not least, recovery of the muscles trained.

    Lactalbumin from FitUp! will help strengthen your immune system and microbiome, as well as prevent intestinal infections, with a positive impact on both your health. This supplement has a very pleasant taste and a very low caloric intake, and the very low amount of fat and cholesterol will help you to regulate your appetite and the feeling of hunger, supporting weight loss.

    Also, the immunoglobulin in the product formula plays an important role in the health of the digestive system, while also supporting the body in the fight against viral and bacterial infections. Lactoglobulin present among the ingredients FitUp! It also plays an important role in speeding up metabolism, with a positive effect on fat burning, as well as on the recovery of affected fibers and muscle tissue after intense sessions of exercise.

    Last but not least, the wide and diverse range of essential and non-essential amino acids in the FitUp composition! will accelerate and support the process of protein synthesis in your body, ensuring the supply of muscle cells with the nutrients needed for their development, definition and volume.

    Suggested use

    When you should use FitUp!

    Depending on your level of performance and your training goals, you can choose to consume 1 or 2 doses of the product per day. The best times to take the supplement are immediately after training and in the evening, just before bedtime.

    How FitUp is administered!

    The optimal dose of FitUp! it is between 1 and 2 measures (35-70g of product), which can be mixed with 150-300ml of milk or water.

    Nutritional value


    Ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate containing lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactalbumin and immunoglobulin, calcium caseinate, skimmed milk powder, chocolate chips (5%) (for chocolate flavor), pineapple pieces (5%) (for pineapple flavor) , pieces of raspberry (5%) (for raspberry flavor), pieces of strawberry (5%) (for strawberry flavor), cocoa (for chocolate flavor), flavoring, thickener: xanthan gum (E415), colorant: carmine (for raspberry flavor, strawberry flavor), sweeteners: sucralose (E955), potassium acesulfame (E950), riboflavin (for pineapple flavor).


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