Glutamine Peptides

280 MDL

  • Glutamine peptides (enzymatically hydrolyzed from wheat protein)
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    Glutamine Peptides

    Glutamine Peptides

    280 MDL

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    Intense workouts cause discomfort, having a negative impact on muscle development goals. The supplement relieves muscle soreness and fatigue after training. They are ideal for active people, helping to recover faster. In addition, it offers various health benefits.

    What you need to know about glutamine peptides

    This product contains glutamine peptides, essential for muscle recovery. Glutamine decreases during exercise, affecting recovery and muscle mass. The peptide form ensures stability and rapid assimilation. Consumption of glutamine peptides reduces pain, prolongs training, shortens recovery. They optimize physical performance and improve muscle growth. In addition, they support overall health and well-being.

    Who are they recommended for?

    Anyone who is physically active can benefit from consuming this supplement. This product is recommended for bodybuilders, sportsmen, athletes and in general for people who want to effectively increase their muscle mass.

    The more intense the physical effort, the greater the usefulness of this supplement. For example, bodybuilders are a category that particularly benefits from supplements containing glutamine peptides. Intensive weight lifting causes oxidative stress, which increases the body’s need for glutamine. Glutamine is an essential amino acid, and if it becomes insufficient in the body, it leads not only to difficulties in increasing muscle mass, but also to an increased risk of health problems. This product is also an ideal supplement for cyclists and long-distance runners, helping them by reducing muscle cramps.

    However, since glutamine peptides are extracted from wheat proteins, this supplement is not suitable for people with celiac disease and, in general, for those who avoid gluten in their diet for medical reasons. A suitable alternative for these people are products containing L-glutamine.

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    Key benefits

    The intake of supplements containing glutamine helps to reduce muscle pain after physical exertion and an easier recovery at the end of training. In one study, the consumption of such supplements, with or without carbohydrates, reduced the fatigue of the subjects, in the context in which the athletes ran for more than two hours. Glutamine Peptides support protein synthesis, muscle growth and especially the anti-catabolic effect.

    The benefits of Glutamine Peptides are not limited to recovery after physical exertion. Glutamine also plays an important role in strengthening the immune system, but also in maintaining the health of the intestinal tract.

    Dietary supplements containing glutamine peptides have similar advantages to those based on L-glutamine, but have an additional benefit: faster absorption and utilization by the muscles.

    Suggested use

    When should you take Glutamine Peptides?

    For optimal effect, Glutamine Peptides can be consumed either in the morning or shortly after completing the workout.

    How to take Glutamine Peptides

    One serving of Glutamine Peptides consists of one measure, the equivalent of 4 grams of this supplement. You can consume between 1 and 3 measures per day, with the amount of water you prefer.

    Nutritional value


    Glutamine peptides (enzymatically hydrolyzed from wheat protein).


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