Iso Soy

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    Iso Soy

    510 MDL950 MDL

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    Created according to an advanced formula, Iso Soy is an effective nutritional supplement, made from soy protein with a high biological value, which will help you to complete your diet in a healthy way and accelerate the development of your muscles. Made from the best soy protein, this product stands out for its vitamin-rich and low-carbohydrate content, which will contribute to both weight loss and the volume and regeneration of muscle cells after training.

    Its composition, made entirely of plant products, makes Iso Soy a suitable supplement for vegetarians, who can enjoy the benefits of high protein intake of the product, without having to consume products of animal origin.

    What you should know about Iso Soy

    Soy protein delivers a full range of essential and non-essential amino acids in the body, accelerating the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissue and supporting the development, definition and recovery of muscle fibers after training. Moreover, numerous studies in the field reveal that soy proteins even have the ability to increase the nutritional value of other foods consumed with them, an effect due to their complete amino acid profile.

    Key benefits

    For whom Iso Soy is recommended

    Iso Soy is a nutritional supplement suitable for a wide range of athletes, regardless of their level of training or diet. At the same time, this supplement can help you grow your muscles and increase your level of performance, but also make it easier for you to lose weight or even strengthen your immune system. Whatever your goal, Iso Soy can definitely help you achieve it.

    What benefits does Iso Soy have?

    One of the most important benefits of the product is its high protein intake, which will play an important role in volumizing and defining your muscles, accelerating and supporting their rapid development by feeding muscle cells with the nutrients they need.

    Due to its complete amino acid profile, Iso Soy will accelerate the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissue, thus promoting the formation of new muscle fibers and maintaining the anabolic environment in the body.

    This product can also help you improve your performance during your workouts, with a significant effect on your results. Thanks to the isoflavones present in soy protein, this product has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to reduce inflammation, fever and muscle fatigue both during and outside of training.

    In addition, Iso Soy can help lower your cholesterol and keep it normal. Thanks to the varied complex of vitamins in its formula, it will help you strengthen your immune system and keep some diseases or conditions at a distance.

    Suggested use

    When should you consume Iso Soy

    The best times to consume Iso Soy are in the morning, after you wake up or immediately after training. In this way, you will be able to increase your level of performance while working out in the gym, but at the same time, to support and accelerate the recovery of muscles after exercise sessions.

    Suggested use

    The recommended dose of Iso Soy is one measure or 28 grams of the product, which can be mixed with 300 ml of water or milk, depending on your preferences.

    Nutritional value

    Nutritional value** 28g
    Energetical value 100,4 Kcal
    (426,3 KJ)
    Proteins 24,6 g
    of which Sugars
    0, g
    0 g
    of which Saturated Fatty Acids
    0,1 g
    0,1 g
    Fiber 0,3 g
    Sodium 0,4 g
    L-carnitine L-tartrate 224 mg
    Chloride 39 mg (5%*)
    Vitamin C 23 mg (29%*)
    Niacin 4,2 mg (26,3%*)
    Pantothenic acid 1,7 mg (28%*)
    Vitamin B6 0,6 mg (40%*)
    Tiamin 0,4 mg (38,2%*)
    Folic acid 48 µg (27%*)
    Vitamin B12 0,2 µg (9%*)
    Profil de aminoacizi pe porție
    Alanine 1007 mg
    Arginine 1932 mg
    Aspartic acid 2912 mg
    Cysteine 327 mg
    Glutamic acid 4899 mg
    Glycine 1007 mg
    Histidine 653 mg
    Isoleucine 1034 mg
    Leucine 1878 mg
    Lysine 1551 mg
    Methionine 327 mg
    Phenylalanine 1306 mg
    Proline 1279 mg
    Serine 1361 mg
    Threonine 871 mg
    Tryptophan 245 mg
    Tyrosine 980 mg
    Valine 1089 mg
    *DRI Dietary Reference Intake
    ** – There may be some variations in nutritional values depending on the flavor


    Soy protein isolate, cocoa (for chocolate flavor), vitamin and mineral premix (trisodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, tricalcium citrate, vitamin C, trimagnesium citrate, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin B12, folic acid), L-carnitine L-tartrate, flavor, carmine dye (for strawberry and raspberry flavor), sweeteners: sucralose (E 955), potassium acesulfame (E 950).

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