Iso Whey Gold Edition

1,050 MDL2,200 MDL

  • Contains isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate with a proportion of 82% protein and amino acids
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    Iso Whey Gold Edition Pro Nutrition 900g

    Iso Whey Gold Edition

    1,050 MDL2,200 MDL

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    Designed to stimulate the anabolic environment and the development of your muscles, Iso Whey Gold Edition is an effective protein concentrate that will supply the body’s muscle fibers and tissues with all the nutrients they need for volume, definition and recovery after your workouts.

    The product formula combines the properties of whey protein isolate with those of concentrate to increase the rate of protein absorption in muscle tissue, maximizing the results of your workouts. In addition, the composition of the product has been improved by the addition of enzymatic waterproofing as well as a diverse range of essential and non-essential amino acids.

    What you should know about Iso Whey Gold Edition

    Iso Whey Gold Edition combines the effects of several types of nutritional supplements into one, helping you accelerate the development of your muscles, regulate your appetite and even increase your energy level during training. This product contains an increased amount of proteins with a high biological value, which will accelerate and support the process of protein synthesis in the body, actively contributing to the fight against catabolism.

    For whom Iso Whey Gold Edition is recommended

    Its special properties make Iso Whey Gold Edition an effective nutritional supplement, suitable for all categories of athletes. From beginners, who will enjoy accelerated muscle development, to experienced athletes, who will have improved performance and easier recovery, they will all benefit from consuming Iso Whey Gold Edition.

    Key benefits

    Versatile and at the same time effective, this nutritional supplement has many benefits for consumers, especially due to the diverse range of ingredients in its formula. Proteins with a high biological value will help you develop your muscles efficiently and harmoniously, accelerating the volume, definition and recovery of affected tissues after training.

    Iso Whey Gold Edition will help you increase your muscle mass and strength, as well as strengthen your immune system by feeding and energizing your body’s antibodies. Theanine will also improve your level of attention and concentration, lowering your risk of injury and improving your training results. Methionine will increase the body’s production of glycogen and glucose, increasing your energy level and performance in the gym.

    Last but not least, the diverse range of essential and non-essential amino acids that are part of the Iso Whey Gold Edition formula will help accelerate and support the body’s protein synthesis process, playing an important role in the fight against catabolism.

    Suggested use

    The optimal dose of Iso Whey Gold Edition is one measure or 37 grams of the product, which can be mixed with 150ml of water or milk, depending on your tastes.

    When to Eat Iso Whey Gold Edition

    The best times to consume Iso Whey Gold Edition are in the morning, when you wake up, and immediately after training. In this way, you will be able to increase your energy level and performance during training and you will be able to accelerate the recovery process at the end of it, with an important effect on the results

    Nutritional value

    Nutritional value** 30g
    Energetic value 120,9 Kcal
    (511,5 KJ)
    Protein 24,6 g
    of which Sugars
    1,1 g
    1 g
    of which Saturated Fatty Acids
    1,2 g
    0,8 g
    Fiber 0,4 g
    Sodium 0,05
    L-Glutamine 1500 mg
    L-Leucine 300 mg
    L-Valine 240 mg
    L-Isoleucine 225 mg
    L-Lysine HCl 210 mg
    L-Phenylalanine 195 mg
    L-Threonine 165 mg
    L-Methionine 105 mg
    L-Tryptophan 60 mg
    Calcium 129 mg (16,1%*)
    Potassium 147 mg (7,4%*)
    Phosphorus 99 mg (14,1%*)
    Magnesium 23 mg (6%*)
    Amino acid profile per serving
    Alanine 1103 mg
    Arginine 473 mg
    Aspartic acid 2409 mg
    Cysteine 518 mg
    Glutamic acid 3631 mg
    Glycine 380 mg
    Histidine 347 mg
    Isoleucine 1129 mg
    Leucine 2147 mg
    Lysine 1954 mg
    Methionine 443 mg
    Phenylalanine 666 mg
    Proline 1243 mg
    Serine 1134 mg
    Threonine 1558 mg
    Tryptophan 377 mg
    Tyrosine 625 mg
    Valine 1117 mg
    * RDA – Recommended Daily Intake
    ** – There may be some variations in nutritional values depending on the flavor


    Whey microfiltered protein isolate, whey ultrafiltered protein concentrate, enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, L-glutamine, mix of essential amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-lysine HCl, L-phenylalanine, L -threonine, L-methionine, L-tryptophan), cocoa, flavor, sweeteners: sucralose, potassium acesulfame, soy lecithin.

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