Pro Gainer

520 MDL

  • High-quality gainer enriched with creatine, glutamine, taurine and minerals for muscle mass gain
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    Pro Gainer 1300 g

    Pro Gainer

    520 MDL

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    Pro Gainer is tailored to aid weight gain, muscle growth, and volumization. It’s fortified with creatine monohydrate to boost training effectiveness. It boasts a blend rich in essential and non-essential amino acids, crucial for protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and regeneration after workouts.

    This Gainer stands out as a comprehensive supplement, ideal for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its balanced formula not only fuels workouts but also optimizes muscle development. With Pro Gainer, users can anticipate significant enhancements in strength, endurance, and overall physique.

    Whether you’re aiming for noticeable gains or seeking to refine your athletic performance, this Gainer provides the necessary nutrients to support your fitness journey effectively. It’s a trusted choice for those committed to achieving their fitness goals and maximizing their potential. Choose Pro Gainer for a supplement that delivers results and supports your path to success in fitness and beyond.

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    Key benefits

    • It is effective in terms of weight gain and muscle development and volumization.
    • The supplement contains creatine monohydrate, which improves performance during training.
    • It has an increased content of essential and non-essential amino acids, which contribute to protein synthesis and the recovery and regeneration of muscle fibers after training.

    Suggested use

    Mix 2 measures (90g) of PRO GAINER with 300ml of water, juice or milk. Use a shaker or blender. During the first week, 3 servings per day are served, after which it is maintained with 1-2 servings per day.

    Nutritional value


    Dextrose monohydrate, ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate containing lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactalbumin and immunoglobulin, skimmed milk powder, maltodextrin, cocoa (for chocolate flavor), creatine monohydrate, taurine, L-glutamine, flavor, xanthan gum, carmine dye (for strawberry flavor).


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