Protein Dessert

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    Protein Dessert

    270 MDL

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    Protein Dessert is a delicious, low-calorie protein pudding that can be eaten both as a dessert and as a snack between meals. With a high content of various types of protein, as well as an increased amount of fiber and chia seeds, this product is a tasty and at the same time very healthy alternative when you want to serve something light between the main meals of the day.

    Also, thanks to its low calorie content, but rich in protein with a high biological value, Protein Dessert can help you regulate your appetite more easily, reducing or even eliminating the feeling of hunger and thus contributing to weight loss.

    What you should know about Protein Dessert

    The carefully selected ingredients of Protein Dessert complement each other to increase the nutritional intake of the product and to support your goals, whether you are looking to grow your muscles or lose extra pounds. Both filling and healthy, this pudding is the perfect dessert for anyone who wants to eat a snack or a delicious dessert, without having the disadvantage of the calories that come with it.

    Key benefits

    For whom Protein Dessert is recommended

    Protein Dessert is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight, whether it is men or women, beginners or those experienced in active lifestyle. The increased amount of protein in the product will help you control your appetite more easily and even contribute to the development of your muscles, accelerating the process of protein synthesis in the body. Thus, on the days when you want to eat something sweet, you will always have a healthy and low-calorie dessert at hand, which you can consume without worrying that you will break your diet.

    What are the benefits of Protein Dessert

    One of the main benefits of Protein Dessert is due to the increased amount of protein in its composition, which will help you speed up your metabolism and, implicitly, burn fat in the body. Thus, this product will simultaneously contribute to weight loss, as well as to the development and definition of muscles, by supporting the process of protein synthesis in the body.

    Another important benefit of the product is due to its content rich in chia seeds that will increase the intake of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the body. Thus, through its diversified formula, Protein Dessert will help you strengthen your immune system and gastrointestinal transit, improving your overall health.

    Finally, the complex carbohydrates in the formula of this nutritional supplement will help you increase your energy level, eliminating fatigue and improving your concentration level throughout the day.

    Suggested use

    When You Should Eat Protein Dessert

    Designed as a dessert or snack, Protein Dessert can be eaten at any time of the day, either at the end of a meal or between main meals, depending on your preferences.

    How to make Protein Dessert

    To prepare a portion of Protein Dessert follow these instructions:

    1. Pour 150 ml of water into a bowl.
    2. Add a measure (about 35 grams of the product) to the bowl of water.
    3. Use the mixer to mix on low speed for a few seconds and then on high speed for about 3 minutes.
    4. Pour the resulting composition into a smaller bowl, then let it sit for 10-15 minutes to complete the taste, after which you can serve it.

    Depending on your preferences, the dessert can be decorated with chocolate flakes, candied or fresh fruit.

    Nutritional value


    Protein mixture (calcium caseinate, skimmed milk powder, egg white powder), thickeners (modified potato starch, xanthan gum), maltodextrin, acacia fiber, dried blueberries (5%) – for vanilla and blueberry flavoring, soluble coffee (2%) – for coffee flavoring, inulin, chia seeds, flavors, flavor enhancer (sodium chloride), acidifier (citric acid) – for vanilla and blueberry flavoring), sweeteners (sucralose, potassium acesulfame) .

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