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    Unlocking the Power of Tribulus: A Medicinal Miracle

    Tribulus terrestris, affectionately known as “Babei Colts”, is a plant extract steeped in medicinal history and prized by athletes, active individuals and health enthusiasts. This botanical powerhouse is celebrated for its myriad benefits and serves as a cornerstone for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

    Hormonal harmony: Tribulus and luteinizing hormones

    One of the fundamental mechanisms of this supplement lies in its ability to increase luteinizing hormones (LH). These crucial gonadotropins, regulated by GnRH release, play an essential role in governing testosterone production. The supplement given by increasing the level of LH, actively contributes to the hormonal balance.

    Suitable for athletes: Tribulus in fitness regimes

    The respective supplements find a particular resonance among athletes and people immersed in strength exercises. Integrating them into your routines speeds up post-workout recovery and promotes the development of lean muscle mass. The plant’s influence extends beyond fitness, having a positive impact on the immune system for overall health improvement.

    From tradition to triumph: the rich legacy of Tribulus

    Scientifically recognized as this herbal wonder boasts a rich heritage in traditional medicine. Respected by athletes, physically active and health conscious people, it is a versatile ally that provides benefits that include hormone regulation, improved athletic performance and immune system strengthening.

    In conclusion, Tribulus terrestris, or “Baba’s Madness”, emerges as a botanical treasure with a deep-rooted heritage in traditional medicine. Embraced by athletes and health enthusiasts alike, Tribulus gracefully unfolds its multiple benefits, from hormone balance to enhanced athletic performance and comprehensive immune system support.

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    Key benefits

    Tribulus is used especially by men because it can increase testosterone levels. Studies show that another effect of tribulus consumption is the increase of libido, both in men and women. Due to its effect on testosterone levels, Tribulus has benefits for physically active people, who want to increase their muscle mass.

    Tribulus has anti-inflammatory effects; Therefore, its consumption has the benefit of lowering the duration of physical recovery after training, making it an ideal supplement to athletes.

    In this online store, you will find tribulus at an excellent price. Enjoy better results in training with the right diet supplements for you, available for convenient offers.

    Suggested use

    How much tribulus should we consume?

    This dietary supplement should be consumed in doses of 1 or 2 capsules per day.

    When is tribulus used?

    The recommended moment for the use of tribulus supplements depends on the main reason you use it. As a general rule, it can be taken before the meal. The bodybuilders who seek to increase the physical performance, by increasing the production of nitric oxide, are used to consume it 30-60 minutes before the workouts. Some people who do force training combine tribulus supplements with creatine and add to a juice they consume before making physical effort.

    Nutritional value


    Fruit Extract of Tribulus Terrestris (Tribulus Terrester Linn, 60 % saponins). Inactive ingredients: capsule cover (gelatin, dye: titanium dioxide).


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