Spring asthenia: symptoms and remedies

During the change of seasons, asthenia is a general state of body weakness. The most common and well-known form of it is spring asthenia, which is closely linked to the increase in daytime brightness.

Symptoms of spring asthenia

Spring asthenia is mostly characterized by weakness and a general state of fatigue and even body exhaustion. Additionally, it can manifest as excessive nervousness, melancholy, confusion, anxiety, palpitations, the inability to complete certain tasks, a loss of interest in preferred activities, dizziness, and even mysterious headaches.

A change in appetite can also occur in some people, which can result in a sudden gain or loss of weight. Sudden memory loss or low blood pressure are among the spring asthenia symptoms, and some individuals may even experience muscle pain.

How can we combat spring asthenia?

You can start the fight against spring asthenia by adopting a healthy lifestyle. For this, more than a simple revision of the diet is needed. Sometimes, the nutrients in the food eaten are not enough to combat asthenia. In these cases, supplements help to regulate the level of nutrients that the body needs to function at maximum capacity. 

Balanced diet: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural state rather than processed juices, fried foods, sweets, or fats. Also, replace your morning coffee with green tea, an equally energizing drink, but much more beneficial to your health due to the high concentration of antioxidants. Complete the daily menu with food supplements of vitamins and minerals and also consume bee products, with a tonic role for the nervous system, ginger and ginseng, with a role in increasing physical and mental capacities, and insist on B group vitamins and magnesium.

You can opt for a complex of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, different extracts, antioxidants and amino acids.

You can supplement the body’s vitamin C reserves, but it is even more important to bring iron to the body. With a recommended daily dose of 15 milligrams, iron strengthens your immune system and helps you overcome a bad mood.

Vitamin B helps to energize and oxygenate the body, being responsible for driving red cells throughout the body. L-theanine reduces stress and stimulates rest and relaxation. Calcium and magnesium contribute to the elimination of muscle spasms and cramps that can be caused by asthenia. It is recommended that calcium and magnesium supplements be taken together with vitamin D, which helps the body assimilate them.

Vitamin D is one of the elements that can contribute to increasing the level of serotonin, therefore also your well-being. Present in our body in abundance during the summer, through the action of the sun, it makes itself felt completely absent in the cold season. Provided you respect the main meals of the day, you can include vitamin D in your diet at the end of winter, to stimulate your body to revive.

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